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Telangiectasia is a condition in which widened venules (tiny blood vessels) cause threadlike red lines or patterns on the skin. These patterns, or telangiectasias, form gradually and often in clusters. They are sometimes known as “spider veins” because of their fine and web like appearance.

Telangiectasias are common in areas that are easily seen (such as the lips, nose, eyes, fingers, and cheeks). They can cause discomfort and some people find them unattractive. Many people choose to have them removed. Removal is done by causing damage to the vessel and forcing it to collapse or scar. This reduces the appearance of the red marks or patterns on the skin.

Laser vein treatment requires no downtime or sedation, and your procedure may be completed in under an hour. Laser treatment is ideal for smaller veins (about an eighth of an inch or smaller), while larger veins may require sclerotherapy (collapsing veins using a chemical solution) or even phlebectomy (surgical removal of veins). Your vein removal professional in our facility will assess your situation and help determine whether laser treatment is your best choice.